Ian Stubbin

Ian Stubbin

Ian Stubbin

Lung Cancer Trials

How have you been involved in your clinical trials group?

  • Attending the principal meetings of the Group and raising matters of interest or concern to health consumers, be they patients or friends/families of patients.
  • Discussing the genesis and progress of a clinical trial.
  • Accepting recommendations from the Group to offer a consumer perspective to investigators in related research.

What did you find rewarding?

  • Continuing to use my professional expertise in a constructive way.
  • Continuing to use my experiential knowledge in a useful manner.
  • Returning benefits to the public good which I have received from the public health system.

What advice or tips would you give somebody starting out?

  • Understand where your experience and expertise lie.
  • Know the extent of your ignorance.
  • Assert only what you know.
  • Understand that nobody is infallible.