Max Shub

Max Shub

Max Shub

Psycho-Oncology trials

How have you been involved in your clinical trials group?

I have participated in the review of a number of projects submitted to PC4 and PoCoG and as Co-Chair of the Joint Consumer Advisory Group (JCAG) have participated in two Concept Development Workshops.

What did you find rewarding?

The most rewarding feature of both processes was that the researchers listened, consulted with and appreciated the input from consumers. This was evidenced by requests from researchers to take a more active role in their projects.

What advice or tips would you give somebody starting out?

The best advice I can give is to take it slowly, do not be overawed by the complexity, and attend as many training sessions as possible. There is a steep learning curve for most consumers but the outcomes make it very rewarding both personally and for the community.